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Strap pallets at speed with the TPS200V

The Optimax® packaging equipment brand covers a wide range of strapping systems. Many are designed for strapping smaller parcels, and these range from semi-automatic table strappers to fully automatic arch strappers that can apply multiple straps at speed and be integrated within automated packing lines. Handheld cordless friction weld tools offer versatility and convenience when …

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Let’s get shredding!

The shredder emerged in the 1900’s. The inventor Abbot Augustus Low patented the idea, however the device was not refined enough to ever be mass-produced, so Adolf Ehinger took it to the next level in 1935. At the time, the shredder was intended to be used for destroying anti-Nazi propaganda in case it was discovered …

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Pallet Protection

The Facts On… Pallet Protection

Palletised loads don’t have it easy – they get dusty, damp, knocked against, stacked and joggled around yet are still expected to look good on arrival. Thankfully there are several products available that will reduce the likelihood of damage. Polythene pallet shrink covers are a good deterrent to dust and moisture and are manufactured to …

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The Facts on… Stretch Films & Manual Stretch Wrapping

Stretch wrapping is one of the most efficient ways of securing bundled or palletised loads while also protecting them against dust and high humidity. High-elasticity plastic film with a self-cling coating is dispensed from a roll either manually or by an automated wrapper, and is stretched along its length as it is applied. The film …

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Advantages of WAT #7 – More Gain, Less Pain

If corrugated cartons are taped manually a hand-held ‘pistol grip’ dispenser is commonly used; inexpensive, lightweight and versatile, they are well-suited to intermittent and occasional use. However, if used continuously they can lead to short-term operator fatigue and the risk of long-term repetitive strain injury (RSI). This is because although the dispenser themselves are light, …

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Printed Tapes

A Guide to Printed Tapes and Labels

Self-adhesive tapes and labels printed with warning messages or symbols are a good way of alerting handling personnel to the handling requirements or contents of a consignment. A wide selection of these is available from stock in standard designs as a cost-effective alternative to custom printed tapes and labels. Pacplus® Printed Message Tapes These 48mm …

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