Advantages of WAT #2 – Tamper Evidence

Advantages of WAT #2 – Tamper Evidence

In our previous blog (Advantages of WAT #1 – An Integral Closure, 14 January 2019) we mentioned the tamper-resistant advantages of water activated tapes.

Tamperage and pilfering both cost businesses millions of pounds every year, and yet so much of this could be avoided with the use of water activated tape for carton sealing. It is shockingly easy to soften the adhesive of standard pressure-sensitive plastic packing tapes, so that the tape can be temporarily bypassed or removed without trace and new tape applied.

The legal and commercial ramifications of tamperage and pilfering are severe; contamination of foodstuffs or pharmaceuticals can put lives at risk and force companies to carry out expensive and image-damaging rectification measures; replacement of pilfered goods adds to manufacturing and shipping costs and the inconvenience of short supply can put a strain on commercial relationships.

Conversion to water activated tapes for carton sealing is easy to implement and will radically reduce these risks.

This is one of seven advantages of water-activated tape that we are highlighting in a series of blogs, which alone and in combination present a strong argument for changing from pressure-sensitive to water activated tape. Be sure to look out for them all and revisit previously-published blogs at

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